Any meal can leave you feeling full.
Chef Michael Voltaggio wants you to leave feeling inspired.

Moving Experiences

Featuring Chef Michael Voltaggio

To create truly astonishing experiences for his guests, Michael Voltaggio questions everything he does. We take a similar approach to our audio systems. We believe what we can achieve is limited only by our imagination.

No detail too small.
What does ripped tape have to do with the taste of your food? The answer is everything.
Push what’s possible.
The signature ingredient in every Michael Voltaggio recipe isn’t a spice or an herb. It’s research.
Elevate everything.
For Michael Voltaggio, it’s not just about feeding his guests – it’s about amazing them.
Built to astonish.
If you think making a Michael Voltaggio dish is challenging, try plating one.
Raise your own bar.
Now that the planning, prepping and plating is done, it’s time to astonish the guests.
  • "The first thing you notice is: Silence. The moment I got in the car in Brooklyn, NY I noticed all exterior noise washed away and was replaced by acoustic excellence from the 34-speaker Bose Panaray Sound System."

    —Max Goldberg

  • "Bose took no short cuts creating the most advanced and highest-performing automotive sound system ... Anything you play on the system sounds like [insert guilty pleasure here] to the ears. From Metallica to Mozart, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a theatre awash in a private concert."

    —Lisa Calvi

  • “The exclusive Bose Panaray system is designed to set the CT6 apart from the pack.”

    —Anita Lienert